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Access camera footage across multiple locations from one dashboard. Available on desktop and mobile devices.

Add an unlimited number of users and assign permissions to each member of your team.

Access Video From Anywhere

Powerful Data Integrations Help Catch Problems

Sync your surveillance video to existing systems like POS, access control, and more to catch problems before you even know they are happening.

Sift through hours of video in minutes. Search using keywords, date, time, staff, motion - almost anything. Pull up corresponding video to get the full context of each event.

Solink makes your data and video searchable to help you identify and resolve problems quickly.

Schedule a demo to find out how Solink can help your business.

Book A Demo

Book a demo to find out how Solink can help your business.

Video surveillance linked with data analytics helps you protect, monitor, and grow your business. 

No terms, no cancellation fees

Unlimited product coaching

Cameras, installation, and software

Works with most cameras

Use your existing cameras or purchase them from our hardware partners.

Recording device included

Onsite storage with customizable retention and cloud accessible video recording.

Cloud based platform

Manage video and data across multiple locations from one platform. Available anywhere, on any device

" We have found Solink to be extremely efficient in terms of its cost savings, ROI is quickly achieved once implemented. "

Proven return on investment

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Gain Complete Visibility

Gain complete visibility into your business with a powerful platform that combines video surveillance with data. Solink's cloud video analytics informs your security, loss prevention, and operations.

Use video to improve operational efficiency. Let us show you how.

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“ Solink has helped contribute about a one percent reduction in our food cost. ”

Find the video clip you need in seconds and save to the cloud for evidence collection or training purposes.

Instantly share video clips to team members or authorities via email directly from Solink.

No login credentials required to view shared video clips.

Search, Save & Share Makes Collaboration Seamless

A Smarter Alarm System

Use video motion detection to precisely set alarm triggers. No motion sensors or alarms panels required. Automate alarms based on your business schedule.

Get instant-access video verification of alarm events right to your mobile device via text message or email. Review video footage before taking action on activated alarms.

Optional alarms monitoring service available in the US and Canada.

Schedule a demo to find out how Solink can help your business.

One tool, multiple use cases

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Remote Visibility

Keep tabs on your business from anywhere

Safety & Security

Protect your staff and premises

Enhance Loss Prevention

Speed up investigations and resolve incidents faster

Improve Operations

Sync data with video to find gaps in your daily operations

Schedule a demo to find out how Solink can help your business.