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Solink gives you a full suite 
of loss prevention tools. 

Loss prevention professionals face challenges in the fight against shrink and crime. Proven protection solutions are needed but many wonder if the current tools are doing the job. Combat shrink and gain predictive analytics to improve operational efficiency and create better customer experience with Solink. 

Here’s why Solink is one of the most trusted names in loss prevention. 

Simple sharing

Send a clip of security camera video and POS transaction data to managers or authorities, easily and with all the details.

Solink is a one-stop-shop for asset protection. It's an all-in-one... 
We start our case management with Solink.

Ian Dill

Director of Loss Prevention and Safety
Fashion Nova

Everyone at Solink is really centered around what the customer needs, versus what’s easy for them as the vendor.

Larry Cruse

Director of Asset Protection and Safety

Solink allows us to quickly identify suspicious activity both from an internal and external perspective. Having this tool gives us the ability to mitigate fraud and increase investigative productivity.

Aaron Rogers

Sr. Director of Asset Protection
Axcess Financial

Custom filters

Dive right into the data that matters most to you with specific search parameters that automatically updates with the newest events.

Multifaceted searching

Input a keyword, timestamp, motion search, or other system data point and find what you’re looking for in record time.

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Keep tabs on your business 24/7

From anywhere in the world.

Solink allows you to keep an eye on your business, even when you're not able to be there. Solink is available on the Web, smartphones, and even Apple TV.

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Solink uses your security camera system to its full potential, finding key moments that identify loss 24/7.

Solink brings in data from any source (ie. POS) and links it to video for real-time visibility and insights, customized to meet business needs.

Solink is the only solution on the market that is a full VMS, case management system, EBR tool, BI tool, and alarm system all-in-one.

Solink not only reduces shrink—it creates efficiencies that drive savings.

Learn why so many Loss Prevention professionals are switching to Solink.