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Loss Prevention

Learn how we empower your team to improve investigations and manage your bottom line.

Solink helped us uncover $18,000 of employee meals per year that were not being paid for. And to think, this is only one of its many functions!

Lesley Holmes

Restaurant Franchisee

Solink is a slam dunk! We found that Solink gave us deep insight into a huge number of variables, and the restaurant industry we have tons of variables!

Aubert Pervost

President of Koeppel Companies

Solink is a one-stop-shop for asset protection. It's an all-in-one...
We start our case management with Solink.

Ian Dill

VP of Asset Protection

Smart Security

Whether you are an independent owner, franchisee, or manage Asset Protection - we help you mitigate risk and ensure your locations are always up.

Seamless Operations

Learn how to improve daily compliance and customer service with a security system video-supported insights.

Advanced remote monitoring

Peace of Mind With Alerts

Receive Instant alerts on any device for motion, voids and anything else you need to watch.

Pinpoint Motion Anywhere

With just a fingertip, select any spot on the room and review motion on a timeline.

Save & Send Clips Instantly

Snip a clip for later review. Easily share a clip with staff or authorities.

Keep tabs on your business 24/7

From anywhere in the world.

Solink allows you to keep an eye on your business, even when you're not able to be there. Solink is available on the Web, smartphones, and even Apple TV.

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Monitor security cameras and compare sites from your phone or device no matter where you are.

Search by keyword, food item, employee name, order size, timeframe—almost anything.

Daily digest providing you with a list of alerts that may relate to unusual activity, and even update you on revenue and sales.

Trusted by over 450 Jack in the Box locations

Combining security camera systems + POS system data to simplify loss prevention, security & operations in the food service industry.

By aligning your restaurant’s security camera system with your POS system, Solink provides a perfect insight into every cash register, order, and sector of the dining room as well as the back of the house.

No DVR or NVR needed, Solink integrates with new or existing security cameras making it one of the most cost-effective business security camera solutions.

Solink is more than just a security app. You can look at speed of service, voids, refunds, and more.

- Cody Herrick, Jack in the Box


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