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For the return on investment, Solink is great. The way we can now use our camera system for preventative measures, it is easy to find incidents or prevent them. I mean, it’s excellent. I love it.

Brandy Sturgeon

- HR Coordinator, Thrift Department, Volunteers of America Michigan

Director of Asset Protection

- at a Bar and Restaurant Chain

We added Solink as an upgrade to an existing bar camera system. Within days we were able to pinpoint the root cause behavior by an employee at the POS. The surveillance and subsequent interview netted a $100k admission with full restitution agreed to! A big win for the brand and an awesome return on our investment. Thank you Solink!

Solink’s been a partner for us. Solink’s provided us with the tools that we need to grow our business, to have a more profitable business, and to be a safer business for our employees. Solink’s been a great partner for us.

Jay Hafemeister

a Partner of JH Foods

We have been reducing food costs by one per cent each year and Solink plays a role in that…… If you can pull a percent down to that net income line, that is going to make the difference for being able to invest in new tech or other operational improvements.  

Senior Executive

- Roy Rogers Restaurants

From a staffing perspective, Solink is saving us at least $150k per year because you’d traditionally need to have one person managing the case management, and another managing the audit and exception-based reporting. Not only does it save us financially, but it also saves us easily 20 hours a week of unnecessary work.  

Ian Dill

- VP of Asset Protection of Centric Brands

Keeping labor costs in line is crucial. With Solink, I can easily monitor the lobby to tell if it’s going to be a slow day and staff should go home early. This has saved three to four percent a month in labor costs to date, or about $1,500 to $1,600 a month.  

Brandi Peter

- Inta Juice Franchise Operator

Solink is helping thousands of businesses achieve positive ROI in just 30 days. Over 18,000 locations rely on Solink to protect their people, their patrons and their profits.

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